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_L7A0946 Hey there!  I’m Alexis, a media-camera super nerd, located outside of Columbus, Ohio.

I enjoy sci-fi movie marathons (Star Wars, YES!), hiking and getting lost outdoors.  I’m obsessed with chocolate and food is my love language.

I want to create films and documentaries one day as a movie director/producer, and I know I’ll get there.

I love putting a smile on someone’s face, creating memories, and inspiring others.
Capturing stories of real life and love is one of my passions.  I love the art of storytelling through film.

Many people have never heard about wedding videography up until the last decade, and I love bringing to light a new form of art.

I started doing weddings a few years ago when a close friend asked me to shoot a few videos of her day… and the rest is history!
I’ve been creating videos for as long as I remember, and work weekly as a video producer/editor for a broadcast television company and non-profit organization.  Tailoring the film to each individual’s wedding day is so exciting to me!  Perhaps my favorite part is capturing the raw emotion and candid moments throughout the day.

The process of putting together the film is unique as well.  I carefully select creative music that pulls on the heart strings and fit each wedding’s mood.

The wedding day isn’t just a single day in a married couple’s lives, it’s just the beginning.  I love being a part of a couple’s special day and sharing their film with them when it’s all done!

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